What is the Diversity Recruitment Consortium?

What can happen if a collective group of organizations were to implement a model where a fair picture of lifestyle in the state is demonstrated through formalized initiatives and actions? Through collaboration, the DRC plans to communicate to the world the message that South Carolina is a destination, not a pit stop.

South Carolina is on the cusp of being a business leader. The DRC will help us get there and enrich our communities.

Otis Rawl, CEO, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Attract. Recruit. Cultivate.

The ARC Method - not just motion, but movement with trajectory. Click here to learn more.

The more businesses and people that come together, the more powerful an impact can make than which is possible with any single organization.

Benny Walker, Riley Institute

DRC Ambassador Network

DRC utilizes an Ambassador Network that provides access to a broad array of people with similar backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, offering more robust and relevant information about the South Carolina community.

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